SnoValley Tilth Farm Faire and Silent Auction 2012

Many thanks to the hundereds of folks who made our 2011 Pig Roast and Country Auction a success!

This year, our Pig Roast has evolved into the

SnoValley Tilth Farm Faire and Silent Auction.

And you are invited!

September 22th, 2012, 3-7pm

$30 adults, $15 kids

Please find details for our 2012 event at

Thanks for supporting local, sustainable food production!


Seeking Event Volunteers!

We need your help to make this fun event happen! If you can contribute even a couple of hours, we’d love to put your hands and skills to work! We need folks to help serve on the buffet line, help tend the barbeque, help wash dishes, and help break down the next day. We even need a couple of hands to help bake the dessert cobblers the day before- no experience necessary! If you can help us out, please contact event coordinator Claire Foster: 425 844-6185 or Many hands make light work!

What does “Tilth” mean?

Meaning of “Tilth”

Tilth is an Old English word used to describe the structure and quality of cultivated soil. An even older meaning describes it as the cultivation of wisdom and spirit. A soil or person in good tilth was said to be “in good heart.”

The Oxford English Dictionary defines tilth as labor, work, or effort directed to useful or profitable ends, especially in regards to the soil.

“Tilth is something every farmer can recognize but no scientist can measure.” -Walter

Contact us now to make an auction donation!

Go to our “Contact Us” page, on the bar above for contact information. We’re looking for donations of food, fun, service, anything that you want our community to bid on! Use your creativity- what can you make, teach, do, or bake? If you can think if it, we can auction it. These contributions will help us raise funds during our auction.

We are creating auction packages as well, such as: Gardener’s Package, Dessert-Lover’s Package, Date Night Package, etc. Farm related items are especially popular! No donaton is too small. We are grateful for any donation you’d like to make.

Donations can benefit your Business!

In return for your support, we would like to help you spread the word about your business to the local community. We will be posting a list of all the auction items and donating businesses on our website and we will be circulating that list to our contacts. We expect over 300 people to attend our event, so your donation might even bring in new customers. Thanks for supporting our community!